Condoms Contraceptives found in Dera, Dawood in Pakistan,House collapsed in Mumbai,Blue whale admin arrested

  • Large number of condoms, contraceptives found from Ram Rahim’s dera :

In Dera the number of luxurious cars like Lexus, Range Rover, are multiple. Most of the large room is covered with pure gold. From here, Ram Rahim Singh, convicted in the rape case, ran his own empire. At this time, from the hidden cave of dera ,officers got the condoms, contraceptive pills, porn cds, videos and even sex tonics. Ram Rahim arranged the environment from the heart in the dera. What was the environment?


Narayanan, the CBI officer gathered the news from different sources. He told the media that Baba was surrounded by beautiful young saints in his secret cave. These saints was in charge of his personal service. Just at 10 o’clock in the night chief priest used to get call from Ram Rahim for new young priest girl.

Narayanan said that everyone knew about in this matter in the Dera. But there was no one to open his face in fear. In the interview, Narayanan said, the Baba used to play the role of social worker. Narayanan said, “And he is mentally ill. There is nothing except beasts. ”

  • Dawood in Pakistan, but why would you help India? Said Musharraf :

Pakistan has underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Pakistan’s former President General Pervez Musharraf acknowledged. However,” Dawood should not be handed over to India. And India should not get help in any way in the 1993 Mumbai blasts investigation”, the former Pakistan military ruler said.


Pervez Musharraf has recently interviewed a Pakistani television channel. Musharraf said in the interview, “I do not know where Dawood is. He must be here …. “.India has long been complaining that the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts accused underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan. Also, they have placed in flawless security at the
villa house in the Clifton area of Karachi.

New Delhi has sent a strong letter to Islamabad several times demanding to hand over Dawood to India. But Pakistan’s allegations have often faded in India. Islamabad has said Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan. At this time, the former president of Pakistan, in a television interview himself, said that Dawood ‘is here (in Pakistan)’. India’s allegation that it has received fairness, there is no doubt that.

  • Six floor house collapsed in Mumbai, 16 dead, at least 20 people stuck :

On Thursday morning, Six floor house collapsed in the vendee market area of Pakmodia Street in Mumbai. Where about 16 people have died and 34 injured also. The administration is still worried about at least 20 people stuck there. The fire brigade also reached that spot with 10 fire trucks.


The police and the workers of disaster management team started the rescue activists. Sources said around 40 people was in the old house. DSP Manoj Sharma said that 28 people have been rescued so far. They were taken to JJ Hospital in South Mumbai.

  • ‘Come to my house if you are in danger’, Mumbai raise helping hand :

The outside was washed in the rain. Whole town is standing on the water below the waist alongwith the scorching wind blows. In the streets of Mumbai, there are huge home coming crowd and cars. Some plople stuck in the office or school-college. In this horrific situation the Mumbai’s Twitter World took control over the situation.


The Mumbai residents invited the unknown guests by opening their doors. Thousands of messages seen on Twitter throughout the day on Tuesday. The exchange of messages that started in the #MumbaiRains tag. Someone said, 8 to 9 people can have a place of shelter in his house. The home address is also provided with. It is reported that everyone is welcome in his house.

  • ‘Blue Whale’ admin, this teen is arrested in Russia :

Panic spread around the world increasingly suicide after one suicide. Meanwhile, one of the master mind in the game of dying arrested, said the Russian Police. The name is not known. The seventeen year teenager is currently considered to be the mastermind of ‘Blue Whale’.


This Dark Web Game has started spreading from Russia to the fastest in the world. Also, two inventors of this game  arrested earlier. Police have found that newly caught teenagers have played a major role in spreading and controlling this game since then.


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