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10 years imprisonment for rapist RamRahim Singh

  • 10 years imprisonment for rapist Ram Rahim Singh :

• Chief Minister of Punjab also called on the meeting urgently for Ram Rahim case.

• Haryana Chief Minister calls on the state DGP and the Home Secretary on an urgent meeting at his residence in Chandigarh.

• Ram Rahim’s lawyer asked the judge to take some medicines with him in the jail.

• Ram Rahim Singh is being taken for medical checkups. Then he will be kept in prison and will be kept in separate jail.

• The Dera Chairperson said that all followers keep on maintaining peace.

• Baba Ram Rahim gets 10 years in jail.

• Declaration of the final sentence in 3pm and 25 minutes.

Ram Rahim

• The rare case in the rare case is the CBI. The highest punishment was asked ..

• Violence in Haryana’s Sirsa. Two cars were set on fire by the Dera Synopsis.

• Ram Rahim’s service to the society, so the judge requested him to be punished less.

• Listen to the statement. The judge started giving verdict by 3 to 15 minutes.

• Ram Rahim broke down in tears Pairing the hands and praying to the judge for forgiveness.

• Ram Rahim is a social worker. He worked for the welfare of the people. Ram Rahim’s lawyer asked for justice at all.

• Judge Jagdeep Singh gave the lawyer of the two parties ten minutes to say.

• The area is smashing 800 meters from the jail. There is no other than sugarcane farming and obviation.

• The process of declaration of the court began in the afternoon.

• Judge Jagdeep Singh, who reached the jail at around noon, reached the jail.

• At two o’clock in mid-afternoon, the two sides of the prison entered the prison. And in some cases the sentence is going to be announced.

• Nearly 3,000 paramilitary forces have been deployed in prison security.

• All the roads that have gone to jail, all of them have been stuck.

• Rohitak’s deputy commissioner said that if someone tries to make noise, they will be warned once or not.

• Schools, located in Haryana, have been instructed to stop the college and colleges in Gaya and Nayada.

• All schools in Haryana, college closures.



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