The Dual Camera Smartphone SCAM: Read if you are in it !

  • What is Dual camera setup ?

The Dual camera set-up is a new trend of 2017 in the smart phone market. As a result, every smartphone manufacturer is making smartphones with 2 cameras. The two cameras work for different purposes in different smartphones. Almost 80% smartphones use their two cameras to calculate depth and give a bokeh effect in image. While, some smartphones uses a monochrome sensor to capture more detailed image.

Dual camera smartphone


  • Smartphones with great Dual camera :

Apple iPhone 7 plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Moto Z force, Moto X4, Huawei P10 and P10 plus, OnePlus 5, LG V30 and G6 and Essential phone, these brands have some smartphones with great two Cameras. They all works perfectly at all conditions.

Smart phones with dual camera


  • The SCAM :

Opposite of all great smartphone manufacturer, some small brands launched smartphone with two cameras. But, this is just a fake feature to encourage people to buy them. These brands are SCAMMING people. They just use a software modification to get the bokeh effect. In addition, these smartphones are very cheap, so customers are getting fooled by the advertisement gimmick.

First of all, the Doogee mix started the trend. Since, Maze Alfa, Ulefone T1, Bluboo, Umi Mobile and some other cheap smartphone manufacturers joined this. These brands use the dual camera setup as just a marketing gimmick. There cameras do not perform well in real world at all.

cheap dual camera phones with bad camera performance


  • Do not by a smartphone watching gimmick advertisement :

So, finally we want to say our viewers not to buy a smartphone by the influence of gimmick advertisement. Carefully read all hardware specifications, read our website and watch other expert reviewers on YouTube, then decide.

So, comment down below if you are you using a dual camera phone or planning to buy one.

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