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Supreme Court Firecracker Sale Ban: Good decision at wrong time

To reduce the highly increasing pollution level in the Delhi-NCR, the Supreme Court put a Firecracker sale ban during Diwali. The bench headed by Justice A.K Sikri said that the sale of fireworks in the capital and adjoining ‘National Capital Region’ (in Ghaziabad, Sahihabad, Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon) will remain closed till 1 November. After that the context of partial sanctions will be effective. Diwali on 19th October. This means that the ban will stay in sale of firecrackers in the Diwali. In the capital and adjoining cities, the licenses of the firecracker-seller also postponed.

Last year condition after Diwali :

Every year in the city of Diwali, heavy pollution spreads in Delhi due to fireworks. The air becomes heavy, many suffer from breathing. After the Diwali last year, the situation in Delhi in the wake of air pollution became intolerable. In the last 10 years, the condition of the capital has not been so bad in Diwali. In view of that situation, the Supreme Court has banned last year’s sale of fireworks partially.

Firecracker sale ban last year

 But this year the ban got relax again. According to the Supreme Court, the ‘extreme step’ to firecracker sale ban is complete. Before November 1, the fireworks can not be sold in Delhi and adjoining areas, the Supreme Court has directed. The court said that the licenses issued to businessmen by Delhi Police for sale of firecrackers remain canceled.

Protest against Firecracker sale ban :

However, the debate did not stop after the verdict of the Supreme court. Author Chetan Bhagat have asked the Christmas tree cutting ban and ban on slaughtering animals on Bakri Eid. “Why is the court not taking steps to stop bloodshed in Eid and Muharam?”, he asked also.Former cricketer Virender Sehwag said on Twitter: “Those who want to celebrate Diwali this year, re-tweet this!”.

protest against firecracker sale ban

The vendors also questioned about the ban. Confederation of All India Traders General Secretary Purbin Khandainwal termed it as a ‘derision of fundamental rights’. His argument is that the court only prohibits the sale of fireworks and there is possibility of coming fireworks from other states. As a result, only businessmen in Delhi will be in loss.

Firecracker sale ban on Mumbai :

The Bombay High Court on Tuesday banned the sale of firecracker in the settlement area of Maharashtra. It has also been instructed to withdraw the licenses of the shopkeepers who were allowed to sell the firecracker in the settlement area. On this day, Raj Thackeray, the chief of Maharashtra Nabanirman Sena, protested the verdict and said, ‘Should we now use firecracker on WhatsApp only?’

firecracker sale ban in mumbai

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