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Google Pixel 2 launch date and it’s specifications

Google pixel 2 launch event will take place on 4th October 2017. Google is yet to confirm the official release date of pixel 2, but we expect the phone to go on sale by the end of October. according to Droid-life, the price of HTC made google pixel 2 will be same as Pixel. It would cost $649(64 GB) and $749(128 GB). Pixel 2 would be available in three color variants- black, white and kinda blue.

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Google pixel 2 specifications:

Just like its predecessors, it will offer high-end specifications. The latest rumor suggests that it will have 4.97-inch display with full HD resolution and 4 GB ram. It will run Android  8.0.1 Oreo and come with an” Active Edge” feature. So, this means you will be able to perform various tasks like opening a certain app just by squeezing the sides of the smartphone.

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The smartphone will be powered by Snapdragon 835 chipset. Though there are some rumors saying that it will be launched with Snapdragon 836. Keeping in mind, that nothing has been confirmed yet we have to wait till the official launch. Google will make google lens a big focus on pixel 2 as it wants to differentiate it from the competition. So, it will be launched with two versions, one with 64 GB storage capacity and other with 128 storage capacity.

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Google will also launch Pixel 2XL, so read about Google Pixel 2XL here.

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