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INS Kiltan commissioned by Indian Navy: One More Stealth Corvette

Further increase of the anti-submarine capability of the Indian Navy. After the INS Kadamatta and the INS Kamorta, the INS Kiltan is also in the hands of the Navy. In the vast expanses of the Indian Ocean, this vessel is going to play a very important role. Defense Minister Nirmala Sitaraman officially delivered the warship on Monday in the hands of the Navy. The Chief of the Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba also attended the ceremony.

Commissioned in Visakhapatnam :

INS Kiltan commissioned in the force today from the Vishakapatnam naval base. The warship is created for anti-submarine warfare. INS Kiltan is a Stealth Corvette. A Stealth Corvette also deliberately attacks the opponent’s submarine deceiving the rader, secretly and suddenly.

INS Kiltan anti submarine warfare

INS Kiltan made in Kolkata :

This warship built in the Gardnerich Ship Builders and Engineers of Kolkata. Sometimes the Chinese Navy submarines are hiding in different parts of the Indian Ocean. It is not very comforting for India’s security. Chinese submarines are also secretly attacking in Andaman Sea several times. So the submarine devastating capacity is very urgent for India to speed up.

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Purpose :

Keeping in view China’s growing submarine fleet and many other strategic issues, the Defense Ministry has decided to create four anti-submarine warfare stealth. Among them, the INS Kamorta and the INS Kadamatta commissioned in the navy already. At the same time the army also got the third in hand.


INS Kiltan commissioned

INS Kiltan capabilities:

The INS Kiltan is capable of attacking opponents using various types of weapons. The Defense Ministry statement said that this warship can be used to throw heavyweight torpedoes and ASW rockets. 76 mm caliber’s medium range gun and 30 millimeter UPON system are also in INS Kiltan.

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