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Manchester United vs Liverpool : Battle of Reds at the Anfield

José Mourinho vs Jürgen Klopp. Manchester United vs Liverpool. The English Premier League’s mega match. Liverpool’s home Anfield is getting excited about this match.Before the English Premier League’s famous North-West Derby, both sides are boiling.

For any Manchester United manager, match in Anfield is the real test. Hopefully José Mourinho will win this test successfully.Former Manchester United player Gary Neville

Current situation of Manchester United vs Liverpool:

After seven matches in the English Premier League, José Mourinho’s Manchester United are at second place. Lukaku’s team points is 19 out of possible 21. After getting 12 points Jürgen Klopp’s team is currently ranked number seven in the league list. According to football experts, this German coach can face problems if they do not win on Saturday at Anfield.

Manchester United vs Liverpool match anfield

Game Plan :

Last year at Anfield Manchester United vs Liverpool match ended in draw. As a result, two coaches are desperate to win this time.

The match is different from others. Every minute in the 90 minutes against Liverpool is enjoyable. Liverpool is a good team. Forms, moments, rhythms do not get any importance in playing against such opponents. It’s a three-point match. And for this, both teams will play at their best.José Mourinho

Liverpool coach, on the other hand, is quite modest before coming out in this format.

We have prepared many tactics for the last one week before we got against Manchester United. It’s time to make it happen on Saturday.Jürgen Klopp

Injury list :

In the Klopp team, Sadio Mané going out of the field for six weeks because of a hamstring injury. Adam Lallana also has injuries.

Besides, Marouane Fellaini has been suffering from a knee injury on the United camp. Paul Pogba is missing for a hamstring injury. As a result, two coaches have opted for their own plans.

Mourinho vs Klopp history :

  • 2012, October: In the Champions League, Borussia Dortmund of Jürgen Klopp won 2-1 against Real Madrid of José Mourinho. That was the first two managers faced each other.
  • 2012, November: Return leg ended in a 2-2 draw at Bernabéu. At the last minute, free-kick from Mesut Özil saved the ‘Special One’.
  • 2013, April: Klopp’s Borussia devastated Real Madrid 4-1 in the Champions League semifinal.

Manchester United vs Liverpool coaches history

  • 2013, April: Mourinho’s Real defeated Dortmund 2-0 in the second leg of the Semi-finals. After that, Mourinho left Real Madrid.
  • 2015, October: Mourinho again defeated by Klopp. Liverpool defeated Chelsea by 3-1.
  • 2016, October: This was Klopp’s first encounter with Mourinho as Manchester United boss. At Anfield match ended as 0-0 draw
  • 2017, January: At the end of the last moment Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored and draw Liverpool by 1-1. There was more bitterness and collision between the two managers in the touchline.


Stats before Manchester United vs Liverpool match :

  • Manchester United is suffering from injuries. Marouane Fellaini ruled out of the field after Paul Pogba due to injury.
  • Sadio Mané will not play due to his hamstring injury.
  • Liverpool did not win against the Red Devils at the EPL in the last 6 matches.
  • Manchester has won three, one lost and one draw of the last five fixtures at Anfield.
  • Klopp has just lost a match against Mourinho in the seven-match encounter.

Match Timing :

Man United vs Liverpool
Premier League
today, 5:00 PM
Anfield, Liverpool

Manchester United vs Liverpool club logo

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