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Xafecopy Trojan Virus steals money from your smartphone: Here’s what can you do to protect your phone

After Ransomware, another malware threat in the form of Xafecopy Trojan Virus is detected in India and other 46 countries. This Trojan Virus is capable of stealing money from victim’s smartphone. And 40% of the attacks carried out by malware detected in India.

Cyber security firm Kaspersky’s lab experts have uncovered this mobile Trojan virus. Which targets the WAP billing payment method while stealing money from victims. Also without their knowledge.

Trojan Virus on computer

How this Trojan Virus infiltrates Smartphones

The Xafecopy Trojan virus comes disguised as useful apps such as Battery Master and operates normally. Perform normal activities to avoid suspicion. In addition, it secretly uploads malicious codes on to the device.

Once the app is activated, the Trojan virus keeps a tab on web pages via Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) billing — a form of mobile payment that charges fees directly to the user’s mobile phone bill. Thus steals money without the knowledge of victims.

After this, the Trojan virus secretly subscribes the phone to a number of services. As this processes also does not require users to register.

The malware uses various techniques to bypass “Captcha” systems. Captcha system designed to protect users by confirming the action is being performed by a human.

The Xafecopy has hit more than 4800 users in 47 different countries. And Kaspersky Lab has been able to detect and neutralize 37.5 percent of the attacks detected.

According to Kaspersky Android, mobile users are more vulnerable to this Trojan virus. And they should be cautious while downloading apps from unauthorized developers.

Trojan Virus ransomware damage

How to protect your phone from Malware

  • First of all, always keep software of your smartphone updated.
  • Never click on emails from unknown senders.
  • Use  Premium Antivirus. And keep it up to date.
  • Never install apps from unknown source.


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