20 years for rapist Ram Rahim,Doklam both withdrew army,Asaram’s case delay

  • 20 years imprisonment for rapist Ram Rahim :

Here, the media reached the tent in 3.25pm. Dera chief, Ram Rahim has been sentenced to ten years for two rape, ie, total of twenty years of imprisonment. CBI Special Judge Jagdeep Singh, according to the section 376 of the Indian Penal Code (rape) and 506 (threatened) punished him.

Ram Rahim
The special CBI court, which was in the premises of the Sunaria jail, gave the opportunity to the lawyers of the two parties for ten minutes this day. After that he gave his verdict. Along with imprisonment, Ram Rahim will be fined 30 lakhs rupees. Two of the victims will get 14 lakh each. Ram Rahim’s lawyer SK Nawabana said that they will challenge the verdict in the High Court. According to sources, two tortures have been confirmed, they will also be approached by the higher courts for the rigorous punishment of Ram Rahim.

  • No mercy, want life imprisonment: Two rape victims going to high court :

CBI seeks maximum punishment. But the Ram Rahim Singh’s counsel argued that Ram Rahim’s ‘human welfare’ work should be kept in mind. If convicted under section 376, maximum sentence of life imprisonment will be awarded. The judge did not give life, he was sentenced to 10 years in two cases. Sentenced for rape, two complainants are happy. But they are not satisfied. They are preparing to go to the higher court to demand greater punishment.

ram rahim

Ansul Chhatrapati said that he will continue to fight against the Godman. He will fight against the murderer of his father.
The victims opened their mouth 15 years ago. They complained of rape against Ram Rahim. In the long and unequal battle, the win has earned the psychology of both of them. However, two miscreants felt that the maximum punishment should be given to Ram Rahim Singh.
So they are going to start another fight. One source as saying that they are going to the higher court for the life sentence of Ram Rahim.

  • Rail accident again, Nagpur-Mumbai Duronto Express derailed :

Ram Rahim

Once again Indian Railways in front of the accident. This time derailed is 12290 Nagpur-Mumbai Duronto Express’s five bogies and engines. The incident took place at around 6:30 am on Tuesday near the Titwala station between Vasinda and Asangaon stations in Maharashtra. There is no news of casualties yet. Railway sources said that the disaster team has reached the venue immediately from Kalyan. The injured were taken to a local hospital. Train movement between Mumbai and Thane is closed for the time being.

  • In Doklam withdrew two-sided army, said India, but China in another tune :

The big success is in diplomacy. India and China have started to move troops from Doklam. The Indian Foreign Ministry announced this statement. China, however, said in a counter statement that they did not withdraw the force. India has withdrawn its forces.

Ram Rahim
While ,there was a tension from the beginning of June in the Bhutan-China tri-border borders. In mid-June, the two countries sent huge troops to the border. The Indian Foreign Ministry said the diplomatic connection was maintained even after the two-and-a-half months of the two-country border forces were in confrontation.

  • Pakistan’s tension with America in public :

Friendship began to cut off from last week. US President Donald Trump interrupts Pakistan on the charge of promoting terrorism while declaring a new Afghan policy. US Secretary of State Rex Tyleron cleared the tone of the President, saying that Pakistan could lose the ‘special friend’ of the country if it did not stop immediately from giving support to terrorists. Financial grants can also close.

Ram Rahim
In Afghanistan, NATO and US forces commander John Nicholson said that Afghan Taliban leaders took shelter in Pakistani cities like Peshawar and Quetta. So, there is evidence from how interested Islamabad is in the anti-militant campaign.
Islamabad has made a strong statement after Nicholson’s comment. The government of Pakistan is so angry that a US diplomat has decided to pursue the Pakistan tour.

  • Why Asaram’s case is delaying, the Supreme Court questioned :

Another ‘Bapu’ thought appeared in the news.
The BJP government, in Haryana, faced a setback in the Punjab and Haryana High Court with soft tone about Baba Ram Rahim’s fans. In this time, in the case of Asaram Bapu, a Gujarat guru, Gujarat government faced the Supreme Court’s attack.

Ram Rahim
76-year-old Asaram Bapu accused of raping. The Supreme Court has asked the government’s accountability for why the case against him is going slow.

The bench of the Supreme Court Justice NV Ramana and Justice Amitabh Rai questioned, “The most important thing in the rape case is testimony of the victim. Why are not the words of the protesters still heard in the court? “Two main witnesses in the case against Asaram already killed. 17 more witnesses injured in the attack. Despite the fact that the Supreme Court judges asked the Gujarat government to submit affidavits, why is it so late?

  • Deepak Mishra sworn in as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court :

Deepak Mishra took over as the 45th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. President Ramnath Kobind administers oath to Chief Justice on Monday morning. Also several Central Ministers, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, were present on the occasion.Jagdish Singh Khyor retired from the post of Chief Justice on Sunday (August 27th). 63-year-old Deepak Mishra, who will be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, will be in charge for the next 13 months.

Ram Rahim

Judge Justice Mishra, who has long been in the Delhi High Court for a long time. While there, He gave the verdict of Nirvoya. In 2011, he joined as the Supreme Court Justice. In 2013, he gave the order of the historic execution of Yakub Menon, one of the chakrali of the Mumbai attacks. The 1993 Mumbai terror attacks killed 277 people. Judge Mishra’s remarks on the request of Yakub’s life is remarkable. On that day he said, “It is nothing but a ridiculous imitation to issue a stay on the death penalty.”

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