Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with Bixby voice assistant and Infinity display

After the worldwide debacle that led to complete recall and effective cancellation of the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung just unveiled its successor Galaxy Note 8. Finally, the Note 8 will be released in stores on September 15th.

Galaxy Note 8

NOTE 8 Features

The Galaxy Note 8 is here with an Android version 7.1.1. And the new device features a display slightly larger(6.3-inch) than Galaxy S8 plus. The 6.3-inch device has an “infinity display” that wraps around the edges of the phone. It also has Bixby voice assistant, a challenger to Apple’s Siri and Google’s assistant.The Phone also comes with the S-pen stylus. That can be used while the phone’s screen is off. Further, it comes with a dual camera lens technology employed in iPhone 7 plus. Therefore it is Samsung’s first smart phone to come with a dual camera lens. It has two 12MP cameras on the back which let users create depth effect & zoom, and 8MP camera on the front.

The Korean Electronic Giant is hoping to recover the reputation of note model with the release of Note 8. Samsung was forced to globally recall its Note 7 last year after a battery fault. Which led to devices overheating and caused a handful to burst into flames.

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