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TST Brief: Supreme Court judgement, JIO phone pre-booking,New 200 rupees note,Data trafficking via UC Browser,The railway minister resign

  • Supreme Court judgment: Private secrecy is now a fundamental right :

After two historical verdicts. And it is within forty-eight hours! On Thursday, the Supreme Court recognized the privacy of the citizens as fundamental right after declaring triple talaq on unconstitutional. The verdict seems to have hit the center with a big push. A nine-member Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court reached the conclusions, saying that personal confidentiality is within the basic rights of the constitution.Many people welcomed the verdict of this day.

supreme court

The question has been rising for a long time. Basically, after the central decision to make Aadhar in almost all cases, the question of confidentiality rights comes forward. More than one case was filed in the Supreme Court. The hearing was going on. But at a time, the court started trying to find the answer to the question whether the secret is a fundamental right or not. A non-member constitution bench was formed for that purpose. Under whose leadership the Supreme Court Chief Justice JS Kehar The bench said on this day, the secret of the citizen is his basic rights.

In the verdict of this day, the Supreme Court has said that the right to privacy of citizens is linked to the right to life and personal freedom. Under the 21st Constitution of the Constitution, those two fundamental rights have been mentioned. According to the court, so the secret lies in the fundamental rights level.

  • From today starts Jio Phone Pre-booking, see How to Book :

Free 4G Phone! The news spread like wildfires to Techlovers. This time it is the end of waiting. Jio phone pre-booking begins today According to the organization, booking will start from 5pm on Thursday.

supreme court

Find out how to book a Jio Phone:

• Online and offline can be booked in both ways.
• Offline phones can be booked from retailers Jio Retailers and Reliance Digital Store.
• Can be booked from My Jio Apps and online.
• In case of pre-booking, the customer will have to pay 500 rupees to the customer.
• Delivery time will be 1000 rupees.
• However, this whole money will be taken as ‘security money’.
• After the phone is submitted, the customers will get back 1500 rupees.
• Delivery will be available in September.

  • From tomorrow you can get 200 rupees note , see what’s new going on :

The Ministry of Finance had announced that, at the end of this month or next month, the new 200 rupee note will come to the market. But on Thursday the Reserve Bank said, a new note will be published tomorrow or Friday. This is the first 200 rupees note to be launched in India.
The central government had decided to bring 200 rupee notes to the market to reduce the huge demand for less money and reduce the huge demand for 100 rupee notes. The top bank also released a picture of the new note. The color of this new note is light yellow. For a long time, a light purple image of 200 rupee notes circulating in the web world. It is known that the image is fake.

supreme court

The finance ministry sources said that all the efforts are being made to get 200 rupees notes in the market for adequate payment. Initially, the Reserve Bank will release 200 rupees notes worth rupees 50 crores. So long as there was nothing between the notes of 100 and 500 rupees, many times there was difficulty in redemption of the money. So the government’s hope that soon 200 rupee notes will become very popular soon.

  • Data trafficking in China! UC Browser at the center of the Government :

Do you rely on UC Browser to find information on the Internet? But be careful! Before using the mobile UC Browser, think twice. Because, through this, you may be trafficking your most important information at any moment. And it can go all out in China.

supreme court

Recently, a report of ‘Business Standard’ said such a threat. The report says that a government laboratory in Hyderabad has been caught in the way of data transmission through UC Browser. The center was shaken after the news came publicly. The information and broadcasting ministry has been informed, the matter has started investigating. The browser will be banned immediately if the blame is proved in the investigation.

  • The railway minister wanted to resign, PM Modi said to wait :

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, who is seeking to take the moral responsibility of two terrible train accidents in the last four days. On Wednesday he met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prime Minister, told the Railway minister ‘Wait a while”.

supreme court

Two other railway ministers had resigned earlier in connection with train accidents. Lal Bahadur Shastri and Nitish Kumar. Lal Bahadur Shastri, the then Railway Minister, had resigned in the ’56 in Arielu, Tamil Nadu, accepting responsibility for a horrific train accident. And in 1999, after the train accident in Gaisal, the then Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee wanted to resign after accepting the responsibility of two train accidents. At that time the Prime Minister was Atal Bihari Vajpayee Prime Minister Vajpayee did not accept the resignation of Mamata.

  • Ram Rahim will appear in the court, but the heat is rising in Chandigarh :

More heat in Punjab and Haryana, adjourned for verdict in rape case. Dera Sacha Sauda chief Baba Gurumit Ram Rahim Singh’s followers started entering large numbers in Chandigarh and Panchkula. Baba Ram Rahim’s supporters can not be stopped by blocking the bus service. But, with some relief from the administration, the Dera chief said Thursday to maintain peace. Baba Ram Rahim said that he will be present in the court while pronouncing the verdict tomorrow.

supreme court
Gurmati Ram Rahim Singha tweeted on Thursday that he will be present in court on Friday. “I have always obeyed the law. Although I have a back pain, I will be present in court tomorrow. ” Haryana administration sources said, two lakh dera followers have already entered Panchkula and Chandigarh.

On Friday, special CBI court will pronounce verdict in rape case. So, followers of Ram Rahim started collecting crowds in Chandigarh-Panchkula-Mohali a few days ago to express their support for Baba Ram Rahim.


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