Italy out of world cup 2018 SPORTS COLUMN 

Italy fails to qualify for FIFA 2018 World Cup, Buffon retires

Italy failed to reach the final stage of the FIFA 2018 Russia World Cup. This happened for the first time since 1958. The four-time world champion team failed to make their place in the Mega Tournament. Italy, after Ghana, America, Netherlands also failed as the fourth heavyweight team. Italy faced Sweden in the returning leg game on Monday night. In the first match, Buffon’s team were lagged behind and the match was won by Sweden. Italy, however, failed to lift the goal in the entire match despite being aggressive in…

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Coutinho stays at Liverpool, Investigation on PSG, U-17 World Cup trophy in Kolkata, Pele backs Ronaldo

Barcelona did not get Coutinho : Finally, after the FIFA transfer window was closed, it was found that Barcelona failed to get Philippe Coutinho. Total three times the price of Coutinho was offered by Barcelona. But Liverpool’s German coach Jürgen Klopp rejected the offer every time. The only thing in his mouth was ‘Coutinho is not for sell’. A board member from Barcelona said, “On Friday evening, we had offered 200 million euros for the purchase of Coutinho. But Liverpool did not agree on that proposal. “Note that all clubs…

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