What Team India achieved from This U-17 Football World Cup

The Last match :

Three back to back lost and knock out from the group stage. But seeing the excitement surrounding this team India in Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, who will say that the team has lost. Who will say that the World Cup has ended for India? Almost all of the team lying in the ground covering the face at the match-ending whistle. But 52,000 people in gallery released from temporary frustration of these little boys.

Only ‘India India’ screams across the stadium. When did you get such support? So Mateos’s boys could not neglect at the end of the match. Like every day, they went forward to greet the audience. The whole crowed stood up clapping for the fighters.


Mateos has already left the dream of winning. On the day before the match, it became clear in his words. But there was a lot of mistakes. Over time, many changes in the team did not allow the team to create a understanding. The team that played the first match, Mateos made five changes in the second match. He made four changes to the team in the third match also. Maybe it was supposed to give everyone the opportunity but he was supposed to hold a team on such a big stage.

What Team India got from this U-17 World Cup :

The craze surrounding East Bengal, Mohunbagan that Indian football has never seen so much for the national team. All of Indian football was club-centric. But the U-17 World Cup shown us this support can be a crazy even in the cities like Delhi. As the game progressed from the first match to the last game, the improvement Team India got and people’s football love are increasing. For that reason, in the first match where more than 46,000 visitors came in at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in Delhi, there was a thunderstorm for Team India of 52 thousand people. What could be more important than this?

delhi croud u-17 world cup team india

All the matches lost, Mateos’s boys have been knocked out of the World Cup. But Delhi’s Gallery has proved that the fight was not only for 11 people in the field but they were for every Indians. Rahim, Aniket, Amarjeet were dragged in the chest by the people. There was also request for photographs. Delhi’s crowd has given them celebrity status.

We are proud of you. You won all the hearts of Indians. You are the hope of the future.Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

Future of this Team India :

This World Cup has given India much more. If you have to choose from it then you will be saying that the Indian goalkeeper, Dhiraj and Defender Boris, from this World Cup. Amarjeet, a cold headed captain of India is also in the list.

India’s Rahim Ali, Ankit Yadav two strikers for the goal. Sanjib Stalin, Suresh, like this, to become the sportsperson of the final professional Indian team. Those who stand in the front of the media can clearly answer. Goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu is in great happiness with Dhiraj.

Boys have fought great battles. This experience will be useful in the future.Gurpreet Singh Sandhu


This is the end of the Indian team’s World Cup competition. And from in end, these boys have started talking about a new path. There are many plans in front of the Federation. U-19 Asia Cup is near. Some boys from this team will be called for that. Along with this team, some of the under-19 footballers are planning to play the I-League. No one will get any rest for a long time. Before that they want to spend some time with the family.


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